ALS Saddles

ALS Saddles

ALS Saddles

Design, Passion & French Soul, three words that combine and identity of the ASL saddle. The Italian’s elegant style of design, the soul of French experience and the infinite passion of our team, is a catalyst component for obtaining a product that qualitatively stands out at the international tops.
The use of excellent materials such as selected leather and hides, and the ten-year experience of our staff at the most important companies in the industry, guarantee the quality excellence and durability of our products. The attention to detail, the finishing touches of high quality stitches, the combination of leather and the total customization of our saddles are immediately recognizable features, combine with a product assistance formula that assures daily support to all Our customers.
The craftsmanship of our products allows you to meet any Horse Rider needs with specific saddle patterns designed for each discipline and conforming to the morphology of any Horse type.

Dressage, Endurance,Show Jumping, Cross Country, ASL has the saddle that responds to your wishes.

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CC Pony


Springsattel für die Kleinen Reiter und deren Ponys.

2.860,00 *

innerhalb 3-10 Tagen lieferbar

Gold Bicolor Springsattel


2-farbiger Springsattel der Extraklasse.

3.150,00 *

innerhalb 3-10 Tagen lieferbar
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